I serve all of Los Angeles County and can travel to San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, and San Diego Counties.

My clients are

  • Homeowners and HOAs
  • Public, private, and commercial landowners and managers
  • Municipalities
  • Schools and universities
  • Tree pruning contractors
  • Landscape architects, designers, and maintenance companies
  • Realtors, architects, and contractors
  • Insurance companies and attorneys

My consulting services include

  • Tree Evaluations
    • General condition
    • Hazard evaluation
    • Pruning needs
    • Pest and disease diagnosis
    • Hardscape damage
    • Neighbor disputes
    • Properties in escrow
    • Species identification
  • Trees and Development***
    • Tree inventory
    • Tree preservation
      • Site plan design recommendations
      • Best practices for working around trees
    • Tree protection reports and plans
    • Tree disclosure statement (LA City only)
    • Letter of no protected trees (LA City only)
  • Other Tree Situations
    • Monitoring and oversight
      • Pruning
      • Construction
      • Public works projects
    • Walk-n-talk learning
      • Client chooses length, location, and focus
      • Native or non-native trees
      • Urban or wildland environments
    • Tree planting recommendations
      • Species suitability or selection
      • Tree placement and establishment care
      • Specimen selection at nursery
    • Formal risk assessment using ISA TRAQ methodology
    • Appraisal

To maintain independence and objectivity in my recommendations, I do not offer tree work such as

  • Treatments or fertilizers
  • Pruning
  • Cabling, bracing, or other tree support systems

***Note on Trees and Development
I’m currently accepting development projects that demonstrate an effort toward tree or community stewardship, for example:

  • homeowner projects with a focus on protected tree preservation
  • commercial and high density housing projects that reuse developed sites
  • community service projects such as affordable housing and public works

I’m no longer accepting the following types of development projects:

  • homeowner projects with excessive or avoidable protected tree impacts
  • projects that create new development on naturally wooded sites
  • “spec house” type projects with protected trees on the site

Please reach out via my Contact page and we can discuss whether I’m the right fit for your development project.